Smash The Box: A Morning of Creative Leadership

Two of Chad J Willett’s keynote presentations to give you an energizing, inspiring morning: Smash the Box and Eyes of a Leader.
SMASH THE BOX on the concept of “this is the way things have always been done” by creating a culture of innovation.
A culture of innovation

says “Yes And”
shifts the focus from “me” to “us”
suspends judgment
allows all participants to be part of the creative process.
Transform your workplace.

EYES OF A LEADER inspires groups to think, look, and act like a leader! It is an interactive keynote address that uses strategies and techniques from the arts which are adapted for working America.  These techniques are focused on creative leadership styles and practices which include the thoughts we generate, our physicality and the decisions we make while in the moment.


Speaker Chad J. Willett spent seven years in LA as a professional actor where he acted in commercials, film and TV shows.  He has his master’s degree from Miami University and a bachelor’s degree from University of Kentucky in theater.  On the corporate side, he has worked for three Fortune 500 companies:  Manpower, ITT Technical Institute and the Washington Post. Currently, he teaches classes at his acting studio in Columbus, Ohio where he resides.