Behind the Scenes: Awards

Behind-The-Scenes: Award Winners


Things you might not know about how our Award Recipients are chosen. “We don’t give awards to people who are just really good at doing their job.”

  • Chamber staff can’t nominate or vote.
  • Board winners are not eligible to win.
  • Usually from the nominations we have former recipients pick their top 2 choices in each category and then tally up the votes – and repeat as needed.
  • It’s sometimes a challenge with the word “winner” because we are recognizing and honoring someone for what they’ve done. They’ve earned it. So we have to say “recipient,” which actually makes for really fun grammar when you’re marketing lass.
  • Yes, you can nominate your own business. But it helps to have a nomination from somebody else in the community.
  • We do pay attention to Geographical Distribution – as each individual chooses their top votes, they’re asked to bear in mind that we represent 12 communities and it would be great if we had a good distribution.
  • It takes one to know one: award winners (ha!) from prior years (not former, right? Because it’s not like they’re not still awesome) form the committee that chooses our next winners, along with board members.